Sunday, January 21, 2007

Sunday Afternoons

3 Things I love about Sunday afternoons:

1.) I can take a nap and not feel guilty (it is after all, supposed to be a day of rest).

2.) There's no hectic schedule to follow (it is after all, supposed to be a day of rest)

3.) I don't feel guilty for not excercising, probably because (you guessed it) it's a day of rest.

There's just something about a Sunday afternoon that's relaxing. It's about the only time I will sit down and watch football with Brian, and it usually puts me to sleep, but I like that - especially when it's cold and rainy outside like last Sunday.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Unusually Warm

I tell ya, all this unseasonably warm weather has gotten me in the mood for one thing . . . baseball. Every year when the new year rolls around, I get the "itch." I start thinking about spring training, when we should start moving all of our stuff out, etc. And of course I start to get excited about the unknown adventures and fun this season has in store for us.

Of course this baseball season seems to be so uncertain compared to seasons past. We've never been this far into the off-season without knowing what team Brian will play for. This is new ground, and as I've said before, it's requiring more faith and trust in the Lord. We still have no idea where Brian is going to play, or if he will play. But we feel led by God to keep playing baseball, and believe He will pave a way for us if that is indeed His plan. In the meantime Brian is working out faithfully. In fact, today we're going to walk over to the high school next door so Brian can run sprints on their track while I bust out the old stop watch on him.

On a different note, we officially joined the church today that we've been visiting regularly since last off-season. And I sang on the praise team for the first time this morning too. I really enjoyed it. The people are so nice and welcoming, and seem so appreciative to have me singing with them. That makes me feel welcome, and I'm so thankful! Our director already has me lined up to sing a solo next week. Yikes! Better get those vocal chords back in shape asap!

Sunday, January 07, 2007


I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year! Obviously our's was so busy I haven't had time to write on the blog! Brian and I celebrated our 4th anniversary a few days ago (January 4th). We went out to a nice restaurant in Charlotte called Sullivans. It was outstanding! The steak I had was probably the best I've ever tasted. Brian and I both gave it two thumbs up for sure! Here are a few pictures: