Saturday, March 03, 2012

Sage is 2!!!

Happy birthday big girl!

Last year at her party. . . This year . . .

Can ya'll believe my baby is 2? She's no baby anymore, and she definitely reminds me of that truth every day. Sage talks up a storm. I hear many of the same phrases over and over, but rarely do they ever get old. Her sweet little voice is so entertaining and hilarious. Her favorite questions and/or phrases are:

"Hey Mom, what doin?"

"Good job Mom."

"Whoa, hear dat Mom?" (When she hears a noise.)

"I do it Mommy, I do it."

Every day when Brian comes home, he and Sage love to "scrap." That's their term for wrestling. It's precious daddy/daughter time. Sage gets so excited as soon as she sees Brian drive up. Once he gets in the door, it's not long before Sage screams,"Daddy!! Scrap meeeeeee!!!!!" Translation, "Daddy, let's wrestle."

Sage also wins the prize for changing her mind the most times in a minute. If I give her a choice, say between wearing her kitty cat or frog pajamas, the convo usually goes something like this:

Me: Sage do you want to wear kitty-cats or frogs?

Sage : (Very definitively) Frogs!!!!

Me: Ok.

Sage: No!!! Kitty-cats!!!!

Me: Ok, kitty-cats it is.

Sage: No!! Monkeys!!

Me: Sage, monkeys aren't an option. Do you want to wear frogs or kitty-cats. This is the last time I'm going to ask.

Sage: Ok. Kitty-cats . . . . No!! Frogs.

Me: Ok, we're putting on frogs.

Sage: No, kitty-cats.

Me: Nope, that was the last time I was asking and we are putting on the frogs. END. OF. STORY.

Sage: Ok Mom.

Surprisingly, she usually goes right along with whatever I say once I actually put my foot down about it. I love her for that. For real. I'm sure some kids would throw a fit. And maybe she will too one day, especially since we are entering the infamous "TERRIBLE TWO'S!!!!" I'm praying we just sail right through those or skip over them all together :) He he.

Anyhow, we had a Sesame Street party at the house today, which is her actual birthday. It was fun planning a theme party. (Don't get to do that very often.) It would be so fun to be able to do that with unlimited funds!!! One could really go crazy if ya know what I mean. The party planning was great, but the party itself was even better. A few pics of a fun day with family and friends . . .

I I Ithink she was licking the icing off of her third or fourth cupcake at this point . . .

I wish I could include a picture of everyone that was there, but that would make this post way too long. We were so thrilled and honored that Sage's neighborhood friends and their families joined us for her special day, along with some of our family too! I prayed that the rain would hold off, and praise the Lord, it did!!! It made for such a fun party.