Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas Time!!!!

Please forgive me . . . I wrote this post 2 weeks ago and forgot to post it!

After having Sage, every little thing in life is faaaaaaar more exciting than it ever was. Like holiday decorating. I've always been a stickler for waiting until after Thanksgiving to put up the Christmas decorations, but not this year. The other day Sage and I turned on a little Christmas music, dug through the attic and got started! I just couldn't WAIT for her to see all the lights and colors. This year all she could do was watch (and whine for me to pick her up), but one day she'll help me, and I'm betting she'll love it!

Speaking of holiday decor . . . I was on the hunt for the perfect stockings. My problem is that I like too many. I like the traditional, the cutesy, and the casual (not so much the fancy ones). My ridiculous habit of being unable to make decisions finally got on my nerves so much that I just picked some and went with it. We'll probably have to buy different ones anyway when/if we have more kids, if we want them all to match. So cutesy won out this year:

Merry early Christmas everyone!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Come on Home Babe!

My friends are so sick of hearing me say it, but I'm just beyond ready for this man to come home to me.

So I'm saying it again. I am ready to see my hubs!!!!!! December 13th can't get here soon enough.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Mom is 60!

I'm sure my mother will be pleased that I'm announcing her age to the entire blogging world. But it's a milestone, and it was celebrated well, so I thought I would share . . .

Dad and I wanted to do something special for Mom, you know, because she is so special. Besides, you only turn 60 once. So we set up a weekend in the mountains with our entire family as a surprise. Dad rented a huge 7 bedroom house in Black Mountain, made reservations at a great lil restaurant called Que Sera, and I made the birthday cake. Mom's nickname within the family is "Cat" (because her full name is Cathy), so this is the butter pecan cake with cream cheese icing I made:

(I also made a Southern Sweet Chocolate Cake because we all know that celebrations are not complete without chocolate.)

I found the cat cake on the Betty Crocker website, but my good friend, Sage, introduced me to a great site that has a lot of super cool "do it yourself" cakes. It's www.familyfun.go.com if you're interested in getting creative! Although, I highly recommend baking and decorating a cake after your kid goes to bed. I might have learned that lesson the hard way.

Anyway, back to Mom . . . Happy Birthday Mom! We love you and are so glad we got to celebrate your birthday together. You make 60 look good!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I have not been good about writing things down in any sort of baby book for Sage to look back on one day. Therefore, I figure maybe this blog can be a good substitute for a "memory book." With that said, Sage did something for the first time yesterday. Just a few days after turning 8 months old Sage actually waved bye-bye to someone! In fact, it was to the nurse who gave her the flu shot! Guess it's good to know she didn't hold a grudge :) I did what any proud, first time mom would do. I freaked out (in joy) and told the nurse, "That's the first time she's ever done that!!!" We've worked on it a few times, but I certainly did not realize she would catch on so fast. This is what genius looks like: