Monday, December 18, 2006

"Biting the Bullet"

As most of you know, in college I was very involved with the music department. In fact, it was then and there that I discovered my love for music/singing. I joined as many singing groups as I could, and it made for some wonderful memories and friendships. But for the past three years I've been pretty much music deprived. Of course I sing along with the radio, and sing in a wedding every now and then, but I haven't been a part of any sort of "organized group," and man do I miss it! It's like a void in my life. I guess I haven't taken the initiative and auditioned for anything because I figure we're only here for a few months, so who would really want me?

When Brian and I came back to Charlotte this past fall, our church started a new service, a contemporary one. We like both services, but have been going to the contemporary since our Sunday School class meets during the traditional service. With the new service being in place, they also hired an associate minister of music to lead worship. He seems incredibly talented, and does a great job directing the "praise team." So I thought, I know most of these songs, and I STRONGLY desire to be a part of a worship group/choir, so why don't I just ask to see if they'll let me in. Of course the doubts start flooding my mind: do they really need anyone? Will they let me in even though I'll probably have to leave in 3 months? Am I even good enough?

Well, I decided to "bite the bullet." Why is it so hard to do that sometimes? I guess it's the fear of the unknown, or the fear of rejection. In any case, I made up my mind to audition, and set up a time to do so (which was today at 3:20pm). Well, of course I wake up this morning with a nasty cold - stopped up nose, scratchy voice, the whole bit! I sound like a man when I talk. But I went and auditioned anyway. I think I didn't trust myself to, "do it another time" for fear that I would never make time, and accidently (or should I say lazily) let it fall by the wayside until it was too late.

Turns out they really need altos! All the women in the group are sopranos. So half of them have to sing alto whether they like it or not. The minister of music seemed to be excited about my interest in joining, and said he'd work to fit me in by January. Yay! For those of you who know the booger story, thank goodness there were none of those this time. He had me sing Amazing Grace in several different keys and that was it. No running through scales to see how high or low I could go. And I'm thankful because I am not fond of scales.

I'm really glad I "bit the bullet." I think God gives us such strong desires to worship Him in particular ways for a reason. I think my longing/desire to worhsip Him through song is from Him. So I have to believe He's going to provide opportunities, and pray I have the courage to take advantage of them.

Friday, December 08, 2006


I joined today! I don't really know how it works yet. I have a lot to learn, but I know I'm in the "Clemson"network." So if anyone wants to be my "friend," you can find me there.

It's a pretty cool concept really, this facebook thing. I've already found a ton of old friends from college and high school with whom I had lost contact.

Thanks for talking me into joining Melissa!

Saturday, December 02, 2006


Ever had a complete stranger call you a weird name?

I was in downtown Charlotte a few days ago, at a convention I had to attend for work. When I left, I headed straight for my car in a near by parking lot. As I'm making my way through it, I walk through an empty parking space that a man driving a van was trying to back into. Of course I didn't see him at first, so he had to wait on me to get out of the way before he could start backing up again. I realized (a little too late) that I had put him out. As I walked by the driver side, I noticed he had his window rolled down so I yelled, " Sorry about that!" To which he replied, "That's ok Bo-Boo," and then promptly turned his head back around so he could watch where he was going.

Meanwhile I'm thinking . . . What?!! Who calls a complete stranger Bo-Boo? It seems a little odd, but if I'm honest, after that split second of shock, I kind of liked the endearing remark. I giggled to myself as I walked the rest of the way to my car. I think it kind of made me feel special, or cared for, or something . . . and by a stranger at that! Maybe I didn't understand him correctly, but now I like this story too much to believe otherwise.