Friday, June 23, 2006


Congratulations to our good friends Paul and Meredith Stewart who just had their 2nd little girl, Raleigh Elizabeth Stewart on June 14th. Raleigh was 19 inches long, and weighed 8 pounds 5 ounces. We're so excited about their newest addition to the family!

We met Paul and Meredith during spring training of 2003. Brian and Paul were both playing for the Red Sox at the time, but after spring training Brian was sent to play for the double A team while Paul was sent to the triple A team. However, the next season (2004) they both pitched in double A for the Brewers. Paul and Meredith became some of our dearest friends that season and we've remained close ever since.

In other exciting news our friend, Chris Barnwell, made his Major League debut last week with the Milwuakee Brewers! He's gotten one hit in 3 at bats, so his batting average is .333, which is great! Brian called him the other day to say congratulations, and all of his family was in town to see him play. How exciting?!! I hope that gets to be Brian one day!

Happy Birthday Kari! Kari Joachim, our host mom, will be the big 42 tomorrow! She's probably not happy that I announced her age on my blog, but she definietly doesn't look 42! I made one of her favorite cakes for her today, coconut cake. It's my family's recipe that is absolutely outstanding! I made it for their family last year and they liked it so much that Kari made two more. She took one to work, and the other to her Mom. She says that it's now the most requested cake in Fargo!


Cathy (Lindsay's Mom) said...

Congratulations, Paul and Meredith! She's beautiful!
Congratulations, too, to Chris! We have faith that Brian will have his day! The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has a great article on Kenny Ray on the front page today. I'll mail it to you. Please pass along Happy Birthday wishes to Kari from us.

Chris & Emily said...

Hi lindsay! I found your blog through Shannon's post. Excited to hear what's going on with you guys. It's so fun to catch up with people you would usually get to through blogger. Emily M.

stew said...

Thanks for the shot out LA. Raleigh and Reagan are both doing great. We are still waiting for the phone call announcing the due date for baby Adams!!!! B.A. told me on the phone the other day if it's a boy he would like to name the baby Bubba after Geno. I thought it was a great idea. And for a girl he said he liked the name Fargo. It must be a trend naming babies after cities!!!