Monday, April 02, 2007

Chronic Hiccups

Today has been very out of the ordinary for Brian. He has had the hiccups ALL DAY! It reminds me of that girl on the news a few weeks ago who had the hiccups for something like 51 days straight!! I think she said she finally got rid of them through a combination of going to the chiropractor and something else.

Brian says he thinks he's only had the hiccpus 6 or 7 times in his whole life, and yet today he cannot get rid of them. The only way he's gotten them to stop temporarily is if he puts a teaspoon of sugar under his tongue and lets it dissolve. But they come back after a few minutes. He says they start back when he sneezes or clears his throat. That's just really weird to me. Holding his breath hasn't helped at all either.

Bless his heart, he is so frustrated! Everything he tried to do today was difficult. When we were in church he said he was so embarrassed because he was shaking the pew with every hiccup! He called them "violent." Anyway, if anyone has any suggestions or knows of a sure-fire way to get rid of hiccups, please let us know! I'm hoping we will both be able to get some sleep tonight!

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