Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Go Tigers! / My favorite hotel

Brian and I were in Camden, NJ yesterday when our Clemson Tigers played their home opener against Florida State. Needless to say, we were disappointed that we weren't in Death Valley to see it! Brian's game was at 5:05 pm in Camden so we got back to Somerset just in time to catch the second half! We're so excited that they won the "Bowden Bowl" for the fourth time! Let's hope they can keep up the good work for the rest of the season.

On different note, today our travels took us to Bridgeport, CT where we get to stay in my favorite hotel (out of all the hotels we've stayed in during this baseball season.). It's the Doubletree Hotel. When you check in they give you free, hot out of the oven, chocolate chip cookies! They certainly know how to make me feel welcome! The beds are so comfortable too. The decorative pillow says, "Sweet Dreams." Cheesy, I know. But I like it.

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Kristi Miller said...

Oh Lindsay, Jake and I love the Double Tree too. Those cookies flat out rock!....and that bed is way to comfortable to get out of.