Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The Good -

Our hot water is back! For about 2 weeks our hotel didn´t have any hot water. We were taking cold showers, which I absolutely despise doing. We got back from a six day road trip yesterday, and the hot water was working again!

Brian has also been ¨reactivated¨ which is good. He pitched last Friday and will start again on Thursday. His outing on Friday was ok (5 and 1/3 innings, 3 runs). His arm is still very tired from pitching so much this summer so we´re hoping it gets a second wind soon!

Brian and I were talking other day about how nice all of his teammates are! They always speak to me, ask us how we´re doing, if we need a ride anywhere, etc. Many of them have spent years in the major leagues, but none of them act ¨too good¨ or have ¨big league attitudes¨ towards other people. They all seem to be down to earth. This is not always the case in the U.S., but it has been quite a pleasant surprise down here.

We went to a city called Los Mochis last week. We got to stay in a hotel that was much nicer than the one in Culiacan. The beds were so comfortable (our´s in Culiacan are hard as rocks). We also went to a restaurant that speacializes in shrimp. I am not a shrimp fan, so admittedly, I was not looking forward to trying this place. But our friend suggested we get the shrimp tacos and they were outstanding! The shrimp was fried and served with a thousand island-type sauce. I think I liked them so much because you couldn´t really taste the shrimp!

The Bad -

We still haven´t gotten reimbursed for our stolen computer. The hotel supposedly filed it under their insurance, but today the hotel manager said he wasn´t sure if the insurance company would pay for it. We´re supposed to check back with him tomorrow, but I´m worried about what we will do if he says they´re not going to cover it. It´s extremely difficult to communicate with him because he doesn´t speak much English so that adds to the problem.

The Ugly -

I can´t believe how fast the turnover rate is down here. Just last week three managers were fired, and they were only four weeks into the season! One of the managers won the league last year and was apparently fired because his team lost five games in a row. Five games is not that much! I´d call that a little slump, but certainly not cause to fire the manager! As a result, a lot of people are stressed. No one seems to have any job security around here.


Erin and Todd said...

Great! Congratulations to Brian on getting reactivated. We're praying for y'all!

we've got a blog now... or I keep a blog now... akincarroll.blogspot.com

Erin and Todd said...

a nacho libre mask would be great! i'd also really like for the gamecocks to win in two weeks... i'm not sure you'll support that request!