Thursday, January 03, 2008

What's up in Charlotte

Brian and I had a wonderful Christmas and happy New Year as well. We actually haven't celebrated Christmas with Brian's family yet, that's coming up this weekend. It's kind of fun to stretch it out like that! As usual, I forgot my camera, so I have no pictures to post of Christmas with my family. How sad. You'd think I'd learn from my mistakes, but I inevitably forget my camera on many important occasions.

Brian and I have been looking for a house/town home ever since we got back from Mexico. We're both a little overwhelmed by all the costs involved, but feel like now is definitely the time to buy with interest rates being as low as they are. We've found one town home we are pretty interested in, but it desperately needs more closet space. It has a few drawbacks, but that's the biggest one. We're hoping a carpenter can give us some options for adding more closet space. The kitchen cabinets need sprucing up, and the walls need painting too, but those should be fairly inexpensive fixes.

While looking for houses, Brian and I have also, of course, been working. Brian has been substitute teaching, and will begin giving pitching lessons at a local baseball facility soon. Today he substituted at an elementary school, which is not his favorite. He much prefers high school. He says he can relate better to the high school students. I have to say, I think he makes a pretty good teacher! From what I hear, the students like him and respond well to him.

I have been working for the same man I've worked for in years past. I seem to enjoy it more every year as I get used to my responsibilities, and don't feel like I'm having to figure out, or learn something totally different every year. One of my responsibilities is to help professional football players improve their communication skills, especially in regards to interviews with scouts and the media. It's always interesting to get to know these guys. Every year I work with a different group of young men and I really enjoy it. It's pretty cool to see some of them on tv too. It makes me feel really proud of them, sort of a motherly pride.

That's about all that's been going on up here in NC! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season!


Erin and Todd said...

Happy New Year!

I honestly wasn't thinking about you having gone to Clemson when I made the statement (that I'll never mention again-- at least where you can read it or hear it). :)

Are weekends or weekdays better for y'all for dinner?

Erin and Todd said...

And to comment on YOUR blog entry...

The jobs sound great. I am sure that those guys love you and that you find ways to communicate with them and encourage them.

Good luck with the house hunting. There will never be enough closet space, so don't let that hold you back. :)

Suzanne said...

Good to hear Christmas and New Year's went well. It is fun to drag it out so it is not over quite so fast. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.