Friday, February 29, 2008

10 Random Things

I've been "tagged" by my good friend Melissa to list 10 random things about myself.

1. Per Melissa's request, I must tell how I got the ability to make such distorted faces. The truth is, it's hereditary. My whole family can do it, and not surprisingly, we enjoy it. If you're an avid reader of my blog, you've probably seen the "hat picture." If not, go to the entry on October 6th.

2. I think I'd really enjoy being a in a band. If I could make a living singing I'd do it in a heartbeat. I think I could sing all day and not get tired of it. Well, my vocal chords would, but I wouldn't.

3. I'm a "community cryer." If I see someone else tearing up, I start too.

4. In high school I received the "history award." I was given a shadow box with a Russian ruble in it, which I told everyone was a Canadian ruble. Who in the world decided to give me the history award?

5. I love dogs, especially big ones.

6. I think would really like to take a mission trip to Sudan.

7. I am very picky when it comes to buying houses. I didn't know this about myself until recently. Maybe it's because it's our first time. I hope I won't be this picky in the future. Brian is completely the opposite and thinks anything will do.

8. I seem to lose my train of thought a lot. The other day I was making a point during Sunday school when it happened. I had to stop mid sentence and say, "I'm sorry, I have no idea where I was going with that." So embarrassing!

9. Because Brian's occupation requires us to travel a lot, I have had numerous jobs. Here's my list of jobs since I was a teenager:

Swim coach
Church media intern
Bank teller
Substitute teacher
Ticket Sales Representative
Secretary for an attorney
Program seller (at baseball games)
Worked for a temp agency (the job was different every day)
Director of Communications, Sports Spectrum
Director of Communications, U.S. Sports, Inc.

10. The only sport I am remotely good at is swimming. I was a competitive swimmer for 10 years (8 to 18 years old), and to this day I love being in, near, or on the water. I like water skiing, tubing, swimming, and just looking at water. It's a dream of mine to live on a lake one day!

And now it is my responsibility to "tag" 5 more people to name 10 random things about themselves! So, I tag:

Erin Akin

Lauren Hudgens

Suzanne Johnson

Lori Howell - now you have to update your blog Lori!

Kristi Hall - And now you have to start a blog! You're long overdue. Come'on girlfriend!


Erin and Todd said...

thanks A LOT! i loved reading your 10 random things, but i'm not going to be able to come up with 10 things. i'll give it a try anyway...

Suzanne said...

I loved your ten random things. and Thanks for tagging me! Gosh, I hope I can think of ten random things.
We missed you guys today! I know it seems like forever since we have been in there. Sarah's dedication, then we were out of town then Sarah and I were sick then this Sunday we had friends visiting the trad service. Hopefully, we will see you next week in SS. Mom and Dad said you sand with Chad today and were great!!

kristi miller said...

1. Jake and I have talked about the blogging deal...I think I may start .....maybe ;)

2. I read "Kristi Hall" and's like I forgot who that it is...I mean, it was only my name for 23 years... I was like, "oh, that's me!".... I'm such a dork.

3. I laughed hard about you forgetting the point you were making in Sunday school.... because I've done that consecutively (at least 3 weeks in a row) in our community group @ church. I blame it on baby brain...what do you blame it on? =)