Thursday, May 22, 2008

Happy for DC

I am so glad that David Cook won the American Idol finale last night! I was convinced David Archuleta was going to win, but was pleasantly surprised when my favorite, David COOK was announced as the season 7 winner. Cook is extremely talented and seems quite humble as well. He did an awesome job singing a unique version of "Billie Jean" a few weeks ago, which is one of reasons I really like him, he takes risks. Take a listen if you missed it!


stew said...

I was pulling for Simon. he never seems to win. Maybe next year.

Suzanne said...

I loved Cook too! I am glad he won! He will do well.

Erin and Todd said...

we love and voted for david cook, too! i really enjoyed listening to both of them.

i'm working on some events for some people and hope to get into weddings soon. we'll see how it all goes.