Thursday, February 12, 2009

I'd Like to Introduce You to . . .

Earl and Pearl Adams.

Brian and I went square dancing last Monday night with some friends and it was a blast! We both thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We really got into it and decided that our stage names would be Earl and Pearl. We even wrote our new names on our name tags, but I quickly realized nobody "got it" and changed mine back to Lindsay. Brian on the other hand, introduced himself the entire night, to everyone, as Earl Adams. I laughed every single time he did it. How can he do that with a straight face?

While we really enjoyed learning how to square dance, I don't think we'll be going back. These people were SERIOUS about their square dancin'. They wanted a 20 week commitment from us. I got the impression that they would then want us to participate or compete in local square dances. We thought we were just in for a few free square dancing lessons, but I think we were wrong! In any case, it was a fun-filled evening. Please notice that we are all demonstrating the "promenade" position in the picture below. Ha ha ha!


Heather said...

hahaha!!! AWESOME!!! I have been wanting to take ball room dancing or salsa lessons but haven't gotten around to it. Now I know who to call to go with us!!!
and I totally get the earl and pearl joke! :)

Mark Dudley said...

by looking at the picture, brian forgot to wear his plaid shirt as well