Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I'm on a quest for a fun, high-energy workout video. I need a good cardio DVD to do when a) the treadmill has bored me to tears b) it's raining out and c) when we're on the road and the only place to work out in is a hotel room. I've heard that Zumba is incredibly fun. For those of you that have not heard of it, it's a Latin flavored dance workout. It looks entertaining and I'm hoping it would really get my heart rate up. Has anybody tried this? If so, did you like it? Any other recommendations for fun workout videos? I've looked into The Firm, Hip Hop Abs, and P90X.


Shannon said...

Oh my gosh, I tried a Zumba class once and it was SO hard! I haven't done the video, but if it's anything like the class I took, you better hope you have hips like Shakira because you have to move FAST! :) It's definitely a good workout though!

Anonymous said...

My friend, Jennifer, at work was severely overweight and wanted to drop 50# before her husband came home from Iraq, so she tried Zumba (in addition to eating right). She lost the weight, looks great, and loved Zumba so much she became an instructor. Her husband was awestruck!