Tuesday, August 04, 2009

I Can Smell the Salty Air Now . . .

I'm getting so excited about our family beach vacation beginning in just 4 short days! As I've blogged about before, my extended family goes to the beach together every summer for an entire week. 1 Beach House, 14 people, good food, a little crabbin', a little putt-putt, some readin', some wave ridin' - I tell ya it just doesn't get any better. The only thing that would make it better would be Brian. He never gets to go because baseball season is in full swing and he simply isn't allowed to take a week off. One day though, one day.

This year we're going to Topsail Beach, in North Carolina. Over the years we've done our fair share of vacationing on the South Carolina beaches, but decided to go for the less crowded NC beaches this year. Topsail here we come!

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amjackson said...

We went to Topsail 2 years ago and loved it! I bet you guys had fun. I heard you had a little bit of news to share. I've been waiting on a blog post!! :)