Sunday, December 20, 2009

Seaside Bathroom

I hadn't planned to take on so many projects this off-season, but with Brian being away I've found the time and energy (but not always the money) to re-do some things in the house. Our guest bathroom used to be a very bright yellow, and I had never really taken the time to decorate it. It didn't even have a shower curtain (just the liner). The yellow walls weren't bad, but I wasn't crazy about them either. I prefer much more soothing colors (earth tones). So while we were painting the nursery, Mom and Dad and I also repainted the guest bath. I chose "silver sage" from Restoration Hardware. I've always loved that blueish-sage and I'm very happy that at least one room in my house is now that color! The bathroom still needs some decor (like a picture above the toilet), but I already like it better!



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Life as I know it... said...

Oh yeah, huge improvement over the macaroni & cheese :) I could feel a sigh of relaxation come over me just by the pictures :)