Wednesday, August 04, 2010

5 months old

People say this all the time, but it couldn't be more true. Kids grow up so fast. Our little Sagey is 5 months old today! Sometimes I feel like she changes right before our very eyes. I miss how small she used to be, but she gets more and more beautiful every day. I'm not biased or anything :)

At 5 months old Sage:

Is starting to get the hang of eating rice cereal with a spoon.

Lets out some hearty cackles and giggles when you hit her tickle spots, which include her ribs, under arms, neck, sides and thighs.

Has rolled over a few times, but not regularly.

Still sleeps 12 straight hours at night (lovin' this!!!!)

Adores her jumperoo! You should see her go to town in that thing!

Enjoys feeling different textures.

Periodically decides to be quite "chatty" and at other times very quiet.

Is one smiley girl!!!

Sage is such a good baby. The only thing she's not good at is napping, but the fact that she sleeps so well at night makes up for it. She is becoming more and more active and I can tell that it's only a matter of time before I have a hard time keeping up with her! Happy 5 month birthday baby girl!!!!!!!!!

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Andrews Family Fun said...

She. Is. Beautiful.