Thursday, September 23, 2010

What Do Photo Walls and Mexico Have in Common?

Nothing really.

I love photo walls. I'm creating one in our house because we have big open spaces that need filling and I need a fun project this fall while Brian is playing in Mexico. Since I'm not comfortable taking Sage down there (for numerous reasons I won't go into), she and I are staying back in Charlotte. This will by no means be easy, and will probably be the last time we attempt being away from Daddy. EVER. But anyway, back to my photo wall . . .

We have a big blank space to the right of our television that desperately needs filling. I figure a photo wall is just the thing, but I can't decide what kind of arrangement I like best. The 3 options are:

1.) Extremely streamlined/symmetrical, like so:

2.) Still symmetrical, but with more interest, like so (sorry I don't have a better pic):

3.) Or a mismatched arrangement like this:

I like all of these styles! But which one will look best in the space I have? I just don't know. I'm leaning towards arrangement #1, but ask me tomorrow and I will have changed my mind.

I welcome any opinions or suggestions my readers would like to offer!


Shannon said...

Ooh, I always struggle with this too! I like #1 too, but my problem is always finding the money to buy like 12 of the same frame. So I end up using whatever I already have and it ends up looking like #2 instead, a hodge-podge. I'd say go for #1 if you can find some affordable frames! I'm sure it will look great!

Mom said...

I vote for #1. It's neat and tidy and allows you to focus on the subjects in the pics rather than having your attention distracted by multiple shapes, sizes, materials, etc. You have a good eye, so whatever you choose, you'll make it work. By the way, this fall will be a good chance to spend lots of time with us while your sweet hubby is away!