Sunday, November 14, 2010

Mom is 60!

I'm sure my mother will be pleased that I'm announcing her age to the entire blogging world. But it's a milestone, and it was celebrated well, so I thought I would share . . .

Dad and I wanted to do something special for Mom, you know, because she is so special. Besides, you only turn 60 once. So we set up a weekend in the mountains with our entire family as a surprise. Dad rented a huge 7 bedroom house in Black Mountain, made reservations at a great lil restaurant called Que Sera, and I made the birthday cake. Mom's nickname within the family is "Cat" (because her full name is Cathy), so this is the butter pecan cake with cream cheese icing I made:

(I also made a Southern Sweet Chocolate Cake because we all know that celebrations are not complete without chocolate.)

I found the cat cake on the Betty Crocker website, but my good friend, Sage, introduced me to a great site that has a lot of super cool "do it yourself" cakes. It's if you're interested in getting creative! Although, I highly recommend baking and decorating a cake after your kid goes to bed. I might have learned that lesson the hard way.

Anyway, back to Mom . . . Happy Birthday Mom! We love you and are so glad we got to celebrate your birthday together. You make 60 look good!

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Mom said...

Thank you for the fabulous party! You and Dad put so much work and thought into the weekend, and I deeply appreciated it. My family means the world to me and I can't imagine a better celebration. I love you so much! You've made the last 30 years so rich and special for me and I have many reasons to look forward to the next 30 (or so). I love you!