Friday, June 10, 2011

My List

Some might call it a bucket list. I guess it's kind of like that. But really, it's just my list of personal goals or things I'd like to master simply because I'd enjoy them. Some of them are unrealistic, at least for now, but it doesn't change the fact that I'd really like to do them. Now if I would just get up off my rear end, I could start accomplishing, in no particular order, "My List":

1.) Plant, nurture, and reap the harvest of a well-loved garden.

2.) Buy a nice camera.

3.) Take a photography class so I know how to use it.

4.) See New England in the fall.

5.) Visit the Northwest. (I think it's the only part of the country where I have not been, except for Alaska.)

6.) Learn to sew, well. And not ever forget how.

7.) Go on mission trips, frequently, with my husband and children to third world countries.

8.) Appreciate food without being obsessive or indulgent.

9.) Be more laid back.

10.) Learn to play the guitar.

11.) Sing a duet with a famous musician.

12.) Lose 10 lbs.

13.) Live on a lake, or own a lake house where we can visit/vacation.

14.) Swim with dolphins, again. (Did it once and LOVED it!)

15.) Take a second honeymoon to Hawaii.

16.) Watch Brian coach or pitch in the major leagues.

17.) Build an outdoor fire pit or fire place where friends can gather in the fall and roast marsh mellows, talk, and laugh.

18.) Have another baby, or two.

19.) Be perfectly content if it's not the Lord's will for me to do any of these things.

I'll probably think of more items to add later . . . so if/when you see a random post months from now about adding this or that to "my list," you'll know what I mean :)

What's on your list? I'm curious to know what other people would put on their lists!

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heather k said...

LOVE this! I think I might have to do a post like this soon too. Let me know when you need help with #2 & 3. And I think we should do #5 & 7 together, and maybe #14 in the Bahamas.