Saturday, August 13, 2011

Who's Ready for Fall?

I tell ya, with all this back to school talk and the 90 degree temps we keep experiencing, I've caught myself thinking about fall more and more lately. I even went to the other day to see when it typically starts cooling off around here. (Keep in mind I haven't spent a summer in the south in a long time so I needed a reminder.) If we were in Jersey (where we lived for the past 4 summers) cooler temps would be around the corner. Not-so-much down here. At least the evenings and mornings will start to be more pleasant soon!

Fall really is an exciting time of year for me. I could stay outside all day long when the leaves are pretty and the air is crisp. Ah, heaven. Just thinking about it puts me in a good mood. But I have to say, I wouldn't appreciate fall as much if it weren't for these hot, humid summers. As miserable as they are, they pave the way for some serious relief and thankfulness come autumn.

And in honor of the coming fall . . . I'm loving this casual look. I think I need those boots, and the scarf, and the skinny jeans. Oh heck, just give me the whole thing :)

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