Thursday, September 15, 2011

Swamped in September

I'm sorry ya'll. I really am. I have neglected the blog, again. There has been so much going on! Revivals, retreats, extra work days for Brian, sicknesses, etc. etc. There are just no free days left in September for the Adams family! I tell ya though, some of my favorite things have been happening . . .

Brian and I got some much needed time together (sans Sage)

I got the opportunity to sing for a couple of revivals here in CLT.

Our church leadership retreat was great, provided vision and clarity.

And our choir retreat is coming up this weekend along with Brian's birthday!

All such fun stuff. However, in my busy-ness, I completely stopped taking pictures of Sage. Sad! So I'm trying to be more camera happy even though I'm totally frustrated with our 8 year old, 5 megapixel Cannon that seems to blur every shot. It couldn't possibly be the fault of the inexperienced photographer behind the lense :)

So here are a few pics. I tried to upload a video too, but can't get it to work. Maybe later . . .

One of Sage's best friends, Rahma, our neighbor.

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Shannon said...

oh my goodness Linds, she is gorgeous!! Can't believe how big Sage is! Love those blue eyes! And Zoey and Lyla have that same zebra-striped dress that she's wearing!