Thursday, October 13, 2011

A is for Adams

I saw a really neat idea in Southern Living this month. Instead of carving a face in your pumpkin, make it a little more decorative (and less scary!!) by etching your house number in it. I loved this look, but decided I'd rather use our last initial. I didn't have a stencil or pumpkin carving kit like the article recommended, so I had to free hand it, but I still love the results.
Annnnnnnnd, it shows up so much better during the day than a hollow pumpkin! This method also allows you to skip the messy part of hollowing out your pumpkin. (I admit that I had to look in the dictionary just now to see if hollow could be used as a verb. And it can, it even used "hollowed out" as an example. So there. I'm not a redneck that makes up her own terms after all).

FYI . . . if you want to try this yourself, just rub vasoline in the carved grooves and it will keep your pumpkin from drying out! Good tip, right?!!! Thank you SL!


Brandy said...

It looks so great!!!

Melissa M. Anderson said...

I really like that! And I just realized we have the same last initial now. ;) I'll use yours as an example.

Mom said...

Good job, L! You inspired me. Think I'll try something similar.