Saturday, January 21, 2012


My grandmother has a book about the life of Ruth Bell Graham that sits on a table in her living room. I love to read snip-its of that book, getting a glimpse into the life of Mrs. Billy Graham. She was truly fascinating.

Ruth spent much of her childhood in China where her parents were medical missionaries. She had an amah (nanny), whom she loved dearly, but her amah was not what the world would consider attractive. One of my favorite quotes from Ruth's book is about her dear amah and reads as follows . . .

She was a homely old soul.
But what did it matter;
She was so loving,
I would have sworn her beautiful.

I find that so inspiring. I think I need to post this on my bathroom mirror to remind me that while I work on my physical appearance, preparing my heart to love others is much more important.

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