Saturday, August 19, 2006

And a Good Time Was Had By All

Beach week was great! It flew by in a hurry, and before I knew it it was time to go home. Many of us played in the water more this year than in the last few. My little cousins are now old enough and brave enough to ride some pretty big waves, so we had a blast together.

Here are a few pictures from the week. If there's one thing our family loves to do, it's making strange faces (as you'll see in the last few pictures). For those of you who don't know my family I feel like I should let you know that they don't really look like that all the time. Sorry I couldn't post more pictures. My mom takes pictures at the highest resolution, so it takes a long time to download them to the blog.

Family, I enjoyed the beach week and can't wait to see you at Thanksgiving!

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