Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Brian had an MRI done yesterday on his shoulder. If you recall, about a month ago a doctor performed an ultrasound to see what was causing the pain in his shoulder. At that time the doctor determined Brian had a strained bicep tendon. So Brian didn't pitch for about a week and it felt a lot better. However, it began hurting again about two weeks ago, so back to the doctor he went. We got the results back from the MRI today, and thankfully they were negative. That means there's no major injury. The doctor thinks that same tendon is still strained or irritated. So Brian will be getting "a-stim" treatment. I have no idea what that is, but it's some form of therapy. Thankfully, Brian hasn't thrown in about 8 days so that should aid in his recovery time. The trainer says he can start throwing again soon. I'm glad he'll start pitching again soon because it's kind of boring for me to watch a lot of baseball games when Brian isn't playing. That's about all from Fargo!

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Anonymous said...

hi guys! i am really glad to know that the mri didn't show anything serious. i've been thinking about you both and love you bunches! hope dad's visit went well.