Friday, February 16, 2007

Attention American Idol watchers!

(If you don't watch American Idol, you'll probably find this post of little interest.)

I am an avid watcher of American Idol, especially now that it's gotten down to all the really good singers! I love listening to people sing! The only problem with this year's show (so far), is that they aren't letting viewers hear the singers that they are selecting to go through to the next round. They give all the air time to the contestants that don't make it. I've picked my top three favorites, but I feel my selection is a little unfair given the fact that I haven't heard most of the final 24 contestants sing- and I rarely miss an episode! Nonetheless, my 3 favorite contestants for now are:

1.) Chris Sligh - because he's hilarious, I like his voice, he said Jesus is one of his heros, and he's from South Carolina!

2.) Sundance Head - how can you not like someone with that name? He's also got a great, unique singing voice!

3.) Melinda Doolittle - like the other two contestants this girl can sing, but the real reason I like her is because she's incredibly humble.

Anybody else have a favorite I didn't mention here? I missed the last episode, so I'm not completely up to date.

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