Monday, February 05, 2007

Girls Weekend in Blowing Rock

This past weekend my family had what we call, "Girls' Weekend." Every year the women in my family get together for a long weekend just to hang out . . . and there are absolutely NO BOYS ALLOWED! (After all, we can't talk about them if they're there!)

I've come to cherish this time with my family. We don't always "do" something. In fact, this past weekend we literally sat around and talked, the ENTIRE time. We had big plans to take a hike since we were in the mountains, but that plan was quickly dropped when we realized the temperature would not get above 25, and it was windy. So instead we did like we always do . . . we simply enjoyed one another's company. Girl's weekend is about reconnecting. We laugh, we cry, we make fun of one another, we share our struggles and our victories, and we learn from one another. This year it was about a few other things too. In 2007 Girls' weekend included:

1.) Eating M&Ms and brownies for lunch.

2.) Staying up until 2am.

3.) Sleeping in.

4.) Talking about bizarre subjects I'm sure we've never covered before like mountain lions and heating systems.

5.) Stopping our conversation only to eat and take showers, and even then it didn't necessarily stop.

6.) Watching the snow fall in the mountains of Blowing Rock, North Carolina.

7.) Bringing more food than we could possibly eat in one weekend, just in case we got snowed in (or at least that was our excuse.)

I'm so thankful for these women in my life. Thanks for a fun weekend as always ladies!!

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