Tuesday, May 08, 2007


I apologize that it's been such a long time since I've updated this blog! Brian and I are in New Jersey for the summmer, living in a hotel suite that's brand new! The only problem is that the internet isn't working! I'm fortunate to find internet access where I can. Hopefully it will be up and running soon and I can post some pictures.

On our way up here over a week ago, we still had no idea where we were going to live. No host family turned up, but we found a great roommate with whom we share a two bedroom suite. His name is Andy and he's another pitcher on Brian's baseball team. He has a wife, but he's not sure yet if she's going to come up for the whole summer, or just visit from time to time.

The hotel is nice because (as I said before)it's brand new and it provides a free breakfast every day, free dinner 3 nights a week, free laundry facilities, and maid service! I have to say, it's pretty nice to have some one else make up your bed every day!

Brian's games have already started, but unfortunately his team has lost 2 out of the first 3. Brian is supposed to pitch tonight, so lets hope they win!

The first week we were up here, Mom and Dad were here as well. Dad was running in a marathon on April 29th near the coast of NJ, so they just decided to stay a while longer and visit us in Somerset. Dad ran such a good time that he qualified for the Boston Marathon! Way to go Dad!!!!!

Well, it's probably time to go change out my laundry so I better run! I'll try not to let it be 3 weeks before I update the blog again!

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stew said...

I'm sure your place is nice, but in no way will it ever be nicer than the Hunnigton!! I mean that place was top notch. Bugs everywhere, lingering smoke smells, extra clean rented furniture, great people in the front office always there to help with a smile.........I forgot how lucky we were.