Thursday, March 27, 2008

Always better the 2nd time around . . .

Brian pitched again the other day. He did much better this time! He said he felt a lot better too. The pitching coach has been working with Brian on his mechanics and they both really liked the results. His velocity was back up to normal (88-91 mph)! That's always a good thing. I'm not sure when he's scheduled to pitch again because they only play four games a week, and therefore have off days in between. I think Brian's ready for me to be over there so he's not so bored on his free days.

Although . . . the other day he and his buddy, Greg, an Austrailian pitcher, decided to go for a swim in the pool on their off day. Greg immediately jumped in, but before Brian made the leap the lifeguard started blowing his whistle and flagging him down. After finding a lady in the work out room to interpret, the lifeguard explained that, "this is not a beach. You can't wear those," referring to Brian and Greg's swim trunks. Apparently, in Taiwan speedos are required!

So the next day Brian decided he'd just get in the hot tub. There were four other men already in the tub. As Brian got in they too started motioning for him to stop, as if he were breaking some kind of rule. Long story short, you can't get in the hot tub with your swim suit on. You have to be naked! Brian said he kept wondering why the men walked around the locker room naked. Now he knows!


kristimiller said...

LOL. now that's just gross. what in the world?!? naked, really!? poor brian =).

Suzanne said...

That is great that he pitched better this time. and I am loling about naked men in the hot tub! Hilarious!