Friday, April 11, 2008

Brian's home!

Well, the good news is I got to see my hubby sooner than expected! He came home today! The bad news (I guess) is that he was released from the team in Taiwan. Although, I hesitate to say that's bad news because we've been praying that if God didn't want Brian there, He would take the opportunity away, and He did. Therefore, we have to believe that God has something else planned for us. The hard part is waiting patiently to find out what that is. Right now we literally have no idea where we'll end up this summer. I'm just hoping and praying God makes his desires for us clear, and that we are at peace with whatever and wherever that is.

We've also moved into our new townhome! I moved in about a week ago, and I'm so glad I don't have to stay there without Brian anymore. There are still boxes everywhere, things to be organized and cleaned, but my family helped me paint while Brian was in Taiwan so at least that's done! We're still having trouble realizing that we actually own this place, and aren't just renting it for a few months. I'm sure it will hit us hard when something goes wrong and we can't call maintenance to come fix it for free like we could in an apartment!


Wes, Lizzie, and Rachel said...

Welcome Home Brian! Wes and I will be praying for you guys. We know God has a special place for Brian and is working on getting him there. I'm sure he'll stay busy unpacking boxes. Enjoy the new place!

Erin and Todd said...

welcome home, brian!

don't hate me, but i tagged you on my blog