Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Brian and Lanterns

Brian left for New Jersey today! He will be playing for the Somerset Patriots this summer (that's the same team he played for last summer). I will be going up in a couple of weeks to join him. It's hard to be away from each other again, but at least it's only for two weeks. I am staying here so I can go to Todd's wedding. You can check out his fiance's blog at the link to the right. After Todd and Erin's wedding, I have to fly to Grand Rapids, Michigan for a business meeting. My boss will fly me to New Jersey from there. As much as I'm not looking forward to 2 days of meetings, at least I got a free plane ticket out of it!

On a completely different note, I absolutely love it when I find a good deal! Especially when I find something I really like, and then find it something similar elsewhere for a fraction of the price. That was the case last week when I was trying to find decorative things to go on top of my kitchen cabinets. I saw a big lantern I liked at Pottery Barn for $130. That just seemed too expensive, especially when it was only one of many items I needed. So at the suggestion of my wonderful sister-in-law, Wava, I checked out a store called Home Goods. I found a great lantern similar to the one at Pottery Barn for only $25! I was so excited. Of course it's not as great as the one at PB, but hey, for $100 less, I'll take it! Here's some pics in case you're curious.

Pottery Barn lanterns:

My Home Goods lantern:

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Suzanne said...

Lindsay, I love the lanterns and that is great about Brian playing in New Jersey again. It is good you guys are going to be together soon. This fall, when you return from NJ, we all need to get together.