Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Fun in New York . . . AGAIN!

Parking = $12.00

2 round trip train tickets to NY Penn Station = $35.50

4 subway rides = $8.00

2 slices of pizza & 2 drinks = $20.00

Watching one of your best friends play in the major leagues for the Yankees, at Yankee Stadium = Priceless

We had another exciting trip to New York yesterday! Brian had a day off so we caught up with our good friends, Dan and Shannon Giese again. Dan plays for the Yankees so he gave us tickets to last nights' game against Baltimore. Unfortunately, the Orioles shut the Yanks down (13-4) and we didn't get to see Dan pitch since he did the night before, but we still had a blast! It was cool to be in the same stadium that Babe Ruth and all those guys played in. I'm also glad we got to see the Yankees play in their last year at Yankee Stadium!

Brian with Gavin, Dan and Shannon's little boy:

Brian, Dan, and Rick - 2001 Augusta Greenjackets teammates:

Brian and I on the field after the game:


Heather said...

oh how fun! I'm glad that you guys get to do fun stuff together on Brian's days off!
We miss you in Charlotte!!

sage said...

how neat is this??? Wow, it is truly such an adventure to be married to a baseball player! I'm so excited reading about your life. I miss you, too, so much by the way! :):)