Thursday, July 24, 2008

Maryland and a break!

A few weeks ago the Patriots played a 3 game series in Waldorf, MD. Brian's parents drove up and met us there. We ate some wonderful crab! Check out the pics . . .

We had a rare 4 days off in mid July! Brian and I made the most of it. We went to a theme park/water park called Dorney Park with our friends Dan and Shannon Giese and their 2 kids. We spent the entire day riding roller coasters and water slides. As you can imagine, we slept well that night! The next day we went to New York City and saw a musical, Spamalot. We really wanted to see Jersey Boys, Mama Mia, or In the Heights but none of those were available at the discounted ticket booth. Spamalot was really funny though, and since it was Brian's first broadway musical experience, I'm glad it was good!

Before Spamalot we killed some time at the Container Store. It was pretty cool! I had heard about it on Oprah, so I was excited that we happened to run into it. Here's Brian looking unconvincingly fascinated.

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Melissa Merkel said...

Oooh! I LOVE the container store. I had never been to one until Hunt insisted on taking me there. Considering we have several in the Atlanta area, I am a bit of an organization nut, and love color coordination, things with lids and a sorting things, he thought it was a travesty that I hadn't been. We even had to take a picture out front.

Fun times for you! :)