Monday, October 06, 2008

Good to Be Home

Ahhhhhh. It's good to be home. I love the fact that we really do have a home of our own, not just an aparmtent that we're renting, and I can actually say "home" and mean it.

After a full day on the road, Brian and I got back to Charlotte last Wednesday night and walked into a clean townhouse with a stocked pantry (thanks to my wonderful mother-in-law!). We were so thankful to not have to look for an apartment, move our furniture in, etc. Now I just need to decorate our home, but that's the fun part!

The day after we got back we celebrated Brian's birthday (on October 2nd)! He's 31 now! That day was pretty relaxing, and we liked it that way. We ran a few errands together, grabbed a pumpkin to carve later, went for a walk, I made dirt pie (one of Brian's favorite desserts) and cooked steaks for dinner. The next night we went out to eat at Maggiano's with Darren, Wava, Jerry and Marilyn to celebrate. We had plans to go see the movie, Fireproof, afterwards but our food didn't come quick enough and we missed it. I'm sure we'll go see it another time.

Brian will have a week to enjoy the house before he has to leave to go play baseball in the Dominican Republic for a week. They have a winter league down there and are having their "spring training" right now. They need pitchers to come down and give the hitters some competitive practice. If they like Brian a lot, they may offer him a winter job, but it's not likely because most teams already have their rosters set. The benefit for Brian is that he gets a paid vacation. He's staying at a five-star Hilton Resort (see pics below). All his meals and travel are paid for, and they give him a little pay for pitching too. I'm a little sad that I don't get to go with him, but it's not a big deal. He'll only be gone for a little while, I can handle that. Maybe it will give me some time to go shopping for our townhouse! But it does look like a beautiful place doesn't it?


Melissa Merkel said...

I can't imagine what a difference it makes to come home to HOME.

Can't wait to schedule a weekend to come up and visit. Let's talk soon and get it on the books. :)

love you!

Suzanne said...

It was so good to see you on Wednesday! Good to have you back in good ol' Charlotte!