Thursday, July 02, 2009

Our Life (during the last month) in Pictures

Rock Band is my new favorite hobby. Even Brian enjoys playing. I say "even" because he's a little shy about his music skills (or lack thereof). Once he warmed up to the idea, we had (and continue to have) all kinds of fun rocking out! You should see my "rocker profile" we created. She's my alter ego complete with tattoos, red go-go boots, and a kickin' leather motorcycle jacket. That's our wonderful roomie, Matt, on the far right pointing to Brian.

We went to NY City to visit an old friend of mine (Will Rogers) and his beautiful bride. While there, Brian and I ate lunch at Carnegie Deli. It was seriously the best cheesecake I have ever put in my mouth!

Of all the times we'd previously been to NY, Brian and I had never walked around Central Park. So this time, we did. It is truly a beautiful place!

We also went to see Ground Zero while in the city, but there wasn't much to see. They had it completely barricaded. The memorial has not been completed either, but it's going to be really nice. We saw a brochure detailing the finished product. I did get a glimpse through one of the fences and I couldn't believe how deep the holes are where the twin towers collapsed. It was breathtaking, and not in a good way.

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Anonymous said...

So, did Brian eat that whole sandwich?? They are monstrous, aren't they? I agree that their cheesecake is beyond delicious. I love it when you post pictures so I can enjoy your experiences vicariously. Love you both! Mom