Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Nursery Woes

I have scoured the internet looking at nursery designs, crib bedding, etc. (mostly Pottery Barn Kids, Restoration Hardware and Babies R Us) and the options seem to be endless! This is not necessarily a good thing for an overly analytical person like myself. I have difficulty making decisions. I do know that I definitely prefer more classic fabrics rather than cartoonish styles. Below are some examples of what I like. It doesn't help matters that I'm considering picking out fabrics and having the crib bedding made by a seamstress. This opens up even more options!

And I love this little boy's room (below)

I am leaning towards registering for a white crib. A dark wood color is runner-up. I'm blogging about my nursery woes because I'm wondering if any of you have nursery designs or crib bedding that you'd be willing to share pictures of. Maybe it's your own child's nursery or a picture you found in a magazine or on the internet. In any case, I'm inviting you to either email me pictures, post them to your own blog, or leave me a comment letting me know the web address where the pic can be found. I like gathering lots of ideas in hopes that one will strike me as the perfect style for me and my baby!


Shannon said...

I don't really have any suggestions, but I have to say 2 things:
1. Are you saying you're having a BOY!? Because I don't see any girl room pics on here! :)
2. I LOVED that PBK boys bedroom too (Key West, right?) and I came so close to buying it when I was turning Chase's nursery into a "big boy" room! A little too pricey for me though, so I ended up with something else, which I love too. But just wanted to say that I love your taste! I'm sure whatever you pick out will look awesome!!
p.s.- here are pics of Chase's nursery (PBK Kasey bedding):
and his room now:

Lindsay Adams said...

Shay thanks for your input! I can't wait to take a look at Chase's nursery and big boy room!

There is a girl pic (in the middle). If you look closely the second picture has a pink and white fitted sheet under the brown bumper. :)

Shannon said...

Oh man, can't believe I didn't notice that! Well, whether it's baby girl or baby boy Adams, they are lucky to have you and Brian for parents!!

Lori said...

Lindsay-Go to Baby Furniture Plus Kids when you are in Columbia (on Decker Blvd.)!!! They have the best selection of furniture for your nursery and beddings. If you don't see anything you like on the floor, they have books you can look through and they are very helpful with knowing what companies suit your taste. I ordered our nursery furniture from there and both JA and Fisher's beddings. With Fisher, I ordered from Pine Creek Co. and it was custom made. they have fabrics already chosen but you can decide how you want to use the fabrics. if you look at their beddings, fisher's is called Adam. I will tell you is a waste of money to get the crib that converts to a toddler bed. (everyone told me this too but i didn't listen and purchased the convertible crib) but by the time your child is ready for it to convert, you will want him/her in a real bed. he/she will have outgrown the crib all together. we have the changing table that can convert to a dresser and i like it lots but probably will not convert it either. i think the brand of furniture is called Baby's Dream or something like that. Anyway, a visit to BFPK is a definite must!! It helps so much to see things laid out in front of you and will help you decide what you like best!!!


amjackson said...

When I first became pregnant I went to Everything there is really pricey but I found a girl in Columbia who could get the same fabric and make it for much less. (She was hard to meed up with and we ended up purchasing their bedding, but I'm sure there are others...) And both boys furniture came from Baby Furniture Plus. They have reasonable prices and the furniture is soooo sturdy. Perfect to grow with Children.

Anonymous said...

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