Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Brian and I are in one of the most diverse cities I've ever been in, Winnipeg, Canada. You walk down the street and it looks like every person is from a different country. Even so, there's very little to do here, and it's not what I would call a pleasant place to be. It resembles New York in filth. Thankfully, Brian's team only played two games against the Winnipeg Goldeyes, so we'll be headed elsewhere tomorrow. (Brian will be flying to Edmonton, Canada to play a series against the "Cracker Cats," while I'll be driving back to Fargo, North Dakota.)

Despite the lack of entertainment, and cleanliness, there is one thing I look forward to when we come up here . . . the singing of the Canadian national anthem. I love it! I think it's so beautiful. I rarely make it a point to be on time to Brian's games, especially since he's not a starting pitcher, but when we're in Winnipeg, you better bet I'm there in time to hear the Canadian national anthem. I think it bothers Brian. He says he's just kidding when he picks on me about "where my allegiance lies," but I think he really is a little bothered. He has nothing to worry about. I much prefer the States in every way, except for when it comes to national anthems. You can decide for yourself and listen to the Canadian national anthem at http://www.singforcanada.ca/anthem.html , or to hear it with lyrics go to www.xav.com/scripts/search/test/binaries/Oh_Canada.mp3.

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Felicia said...

I am so excited about this whole blogging thing. It will be so much fun getting to keep up with all the changes that you guys have. Now we even get to have you as our travel correspondant telling us about places we haven't been.
We miss you.
Love you both.