Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Final Round

Wow! The Redhawks pulled out a victory in game 5 to win the first round of the play-offs. This was certainly cause for celebration considering they lost the first two games of the series, and therefore had to come back and win the last three in order to advance into the final round of the play-offs. But they did it! And to top it all off, Brian pitched 4 scoreless innings! It was quite an exciting game. One of the best I've seen. Everyone was on the edge of their seats the entire time because the score was so close. The Redhawks won it in the bottom of the 9th inning with a final score of 3-2.

The final round of the play-offs start tomorrow down in Gary, Indiana. They play two games there, and the rest are played here in Fargo.

Go Hawks!


Shannon said...

Congrats Brian!!!

Anonymous said...

That trainer guy you talk about must have done a good job to get Brian back pitching so well:)

Lori said...

Great news!! I hope the rest of the games this week have gone well!! Give my love to B. See ya'll very soon!!

stew said...

I've got BA on my Northern League fantasy team, and the win he got last night got me some huge points. Thanks BA