Monday, October 09, 2006

Another "MEM"

MEM stands for most embarrassing moment, and I've had one recently. As many of you know, I started working again as the Director of Communications for a particular company (which I won't mention on my blog because I just don't like giving out too much information in case some sort of predator reads it and want to find me). Anyway, a few days ago my boss, coworkers, and I had to meet with the CEO of another very well known company (of which I also won't mention the name). Needless to say it was a "please make a good impression on this man" type of situation.

Well, I get the honor of sitting next to this gentleman. I found him to be extremely nice, and a very strong Christian also. As we are eating lunch, and making conversation with him, my stomach begins to make weird, loud noises. I don't recall ever hearing my stomach make such sounds before. But of course in a small, quiet room, sitting with a man my boss wants to impress, my stomach rises to the occasion and I have no power to stop it. Eventually the growl trails off, and it doesn't happen again. Whew.

To my dismay, that wasn't the end of my embarrassement. After lunch the gentleman preceeded to tell us a few stories about his life and business. I caught myself smiling several times especially at the end of the meeting when I shook his hand, and thanked him for coming. I head for the restroom, and as I'm washing my hands I look in the mirror only to find a big piece of black pepper stuck in the middle of my teeth!

All I can say is, at least I didn't have bad gas, or a big booger on my nose (which has happened before, but I'll leave that story for another time). Those might be the only things that would have been more embarrassing.


Anonymous said...

You crack me up! Sounds like something that would happen to me! It was great to see you Thursday night! Take care and give Brian a hug!

kristi m said...

oh lindsay...I love the booger story! I still remember when you told it before we went to NY with Singers =) funny!

Josh J said...

What wrong with boogers on your face or clothes?

stew said...

BA told me the real story, and it's okay to let everyone know you ripped a big one in front of Donald Trump. It's really nothing to be embarassed about. We've all been there. Stew