Monday, October 23, 2006

Go Tigers!

How 'bout them Tigers!!!! The town of Clemson was thumpin' and hoppin' as usual last Saturday when the Tigers played Georgia Tech. ESPN Game Day was there since it was going to be such a big game. And BIG it was! Clemson beat Georgia Tech 31-7. Brian and I won't be able to go to any more games this year, so we're glad we got to see such a good one. Our tickets were so close to the field too. It was awesome! We even saw Kirk Herbstreet walking on the side lines!

I have to say, there's just no other place on earth like Clemson, SC, especially on game day. It's a beautiful place with gorgeous scenery and rich traditions. And on game day it's absolutely exhilarating. The excitement is contagious. People are tailgating everywhere you look, students are socializing, alumni are catching up, and the school spirit is beyond belief. Sometimes I wish we had season tickets, but even if we did we wouldn't be able to go to many of the games. I have to admit that to me, watching the game is only completely enjoyable when that "fall chill" is in the air. There's nothing appealing to me about going to a game where you sweat profusely all day. Brian would probably disagree. He loves to see the Tigers play any time.

Anyway, back on the subject. I'm thinking . . . Clemson Tigers . . . 2007 ACC Champions! Who's with me?!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Shannon said...

Oh my gosh, I'm so jealous it's not even funny!