Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Good thing it wasn't a buck in rut!

I had heard, before we moved to NJ, that the deer population was quite high. After several close encounters with some, I believe it!

One example . . .

Yesterday Brian had an off day. We slept in, visited the mall, and ate lunch at Chick-fil-A (after assuming they didn't have any up here, we found one about 20 minutes away!). Brian had to go to the baseball field and throw a little bit, so afterwards we decided to go to the local park and take a walk. By this time it was about 6:30pm. The park is really nice and has paved walkways as well as trails through the woods. Brian and I were walking along the well traveled paved sidewalk when Brian suddenly stopped and began to walk backwards. I couldn't figure out what he was doing but I followed anyway. He pointed to the thin patch of woods beside us and said, "Look! There's a deer right there!" I was looking through the trees to the field just beyond and didn't see anything. But then I caught some movement out of the corner of my eye and low and behold the deer was standing 7 yards in front of us!!!! I have never in my life been so close to a deer! I could see the veins in her ears! The funny thing was, the doe didn't run. She starred at us for a bit, but then resumed her evening meal. Brian and I stood there talking and looking at her for probably 2 or 3 minutes and she acted like we were no threat at all.

Every time we have a close encounter with a deer I wish I had my camara with me. Of course I never do, so I guess for now you'll just have to take my word for it. I'm determined to get a good picture of a deer before we leave NJ because I'm convinced I may never come as close to one as I have while being up here.

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Chris & Emily said...

a few years ago i was tutoring a child and we were playing in his front yard ( they lived out in the country)- I look to my left and see a deer grazing in their yard. The deer then comes running at me - I quickly picked up the child but wasn't really sure what to do. Before I knew it the deer was standing directly in front of me- like not even a foot a way. He nuzzeld my hand as if asking me to pet him and then resumed grazing. weirdest thing ever.