Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Sorry it's been a while since I've written anything. Brian and I have been traveling so much that I just haven't had time to sit down and "blog." A week ago we were in Long Island, NY with Brian's mom, Marilyn, and her best friend, Mary Wade. The Patriots were playing a three game series against the Long Island Ducks, so Marilyn thought it would be a good opportunity to see Brian pitch, see Long Island, and take a day trip to New York City as well. The first day we were in Long Island we went to the Hamptons and Fire Island. Here are a couple of pictures I took that day (the first was taken at a boat slip near the Hamptons, the other at the beach on Fire Island):

The next day we went to New York City. We had to drop off a baseball signed by Brian for the Vice President of Bloomingdale's! This needs a little explanation, I know. Apparently, Marilyn and Mary Wade looked pretty lost and desperate when trying to find their way around NY Penn Station the day before. This nice gentlemen took mercy on them, gave them his map of the train system, showed them how to buy a ticket, and helped them get on the right train to Long Island. In the course of conversation, he learned why they were traveling to Long Island and asked if they would bring a signed baseball to Bloomingdale's for him. I guess he's a fan. Of course they felt like it was the least they could do after all he had done to help!

So after our trip to Bloomingdale's we hopped on the subway and did some illegal shopping on Canal Street where all the "knock-offs" are sold. Most shops along Canal Street are permanent and therefore, I guess, legitimate? But then there are the people who stand on the street and ask you to come with them to see a certain designer's purse or watch, etc. I have no idea why Mary Wade thought it would be a good idea to go with one of these people, but she did. So we followed an oriental lady down a dark alley to an old high rise and climb 5 flights of stairs. (At this point I was extremely nervous and thought we might be in danger, but as we passed other women going down the stairs, they assured us it was worth the trip.) We got to the top and walked into what looked like a Chinese sweat shop. No joke. The girl took us to the back and opened the door of a walk-in closet where there were "designer purses" lining the walls. I couldn't help but laugh.

Mary Wade bought so much stuff along Canal Street that she had to buy this extra luggage bag just to get it all home!

Marilyn and Mary Wade went home after spending three days in Long Island. Brian and I headed to York, Pennsylvania where the Patriots played another 3 game series against the York Revolution. Originally I wasn't going to go to York, but Brian decided he'd like me to come see him pitch, and he also thought I'd like the historic town. We definitely stayed in a historic hotel! The rooms were pretty small, but had a lot of character. Here is a picture of our hotel, and the view from our hotel room:


Kari Joachim said...

Looks like you ladies had an exciting trip, wish I would have been there. Glad you are having a great summer, miss you guys!!

Shannon said...

My sister Amanda and I hit Canal Street last year and had lots of fun too! We didn't go into any sweat shops but we did buy a few purses and wallets in some dark back rooms! It's definitely scary, but fun and exciting at the same time! Miss you!

Brandon Jacobs said...

I visited Canal Street, well the one in Stockton CA. There was a Burger King, 2 Laundromats, a Pizza Hut, and a small store with Phillipino writing in the window. I believe the store had something to do with selling wood, because one of the windows had a big piece of plywood on the window....Great way to advertise the product!