Saturday, June 02, 2007

Our goings on

Just a few new items:

1.) Darren came to visit us and just left this morning. It was great having him here. Sadly, it was a very short visit. We got to hang out a little bit and he got to watch Brian pitch last night too.

2.) Our roommate's wife came into town a few days ago as well. She is super sweet! I like her a lot and almost wish she were here for the whole season. Unfortunately, she'll be leaving in a week or so. As you can imagine, we've had a packed apartment for the last two nights with Darren sleeping on the pull out couch!

3.) We went to a church last week that was about 10 minutes from our hotel. We probably won't go back to it though because it just wasn't a good fit for us. I've found another one I'd like to try, so maybe we'll go there this week. I heard the pastor speak on the radio and really liked him.

4.) I have to take back my comment about NJ gas being expensive. Apparently, over Memorial Day weekend NJ was the only state who's gas was under $3.00/gallon!

5.) Three new observations about NJ: there are no country music stations, a lot of people smoke, and a lot of roadkill. We counted four dead deer and two dead otters (or beavers) on the side of the road today.


Julie Hatchell LeMaster said...
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Julie Hatchell LeMaster said...
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stew said...

New Jersey sounds like fun. And I love to be kicked in the crotch........Have you guys thought about looking for a time share in the area so you can re-visit the area from time to time?

Melissa Merkel said...

Good luck on the can be a challenge up there. My parents had to search for a bit. Makes you thankful for what we have in the bible belt, doesn't it?