Monday, October 29, 2007

Baseball Update

I haven`t been reporting about Brian`s outings lately because there haven`t been any. Ten days ago they placed him on the ¨inactive list.¨ The team is only allowed to have a certain number of foreign players on the roster. Since they weren`t hitting well, they wanted to add a foreign hitter to the line-up. Therefore, Brian was temporarily put on the inactive list. He still gets paid, and he didn`t have to go on the last road trip which was nice! The coaches originally said he would be reactivated and pitch tomorrow, but now they`ve decided to delay it even longer. They are thinking about either releasing him, or reactivating him so he can be the starting pitcher this Saturday. They´ll be making that decision between now and then. I`m not sure what they are basing their decision on, but Brian is itching to pitch so I hope they give him another shot. We´ll just have to wait and see what happens!

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stew dizzle said...

Kind of opens your eyes and shows you how fortunate we really are in the states. I hope you both continue to be safe and look forward to seeing you both again soon. I called BA's phone today just to hear his voice on the other line. Reagan said your still a ghost.