Saturday, September 06, 2008

Piano Bar Celebs!

I know I usually only update the blog once a week, if that, but I just had to blog about my experience last night! We're in Bridgeport, CT right now and Brian was the starting pitcher for last night's game against the Bluefish. After the game one our friends, Rick Asadorian, a pitcher and former teammate of Brian's, invited us and some other Patriots players to a piano bar in New Haven to hear his brother play. The Asadorians are a very musical family. (There are three brothers and they can all play at least one instrument.). So at 10:45 pm about six of us decided it would be fun to go listen to and support his brother, who plays the piano beautifully by the way!

We get to the bar. We go to the back of the room where we can see the stage better. After about an hour, I catch someone out of the corner of my eye trying to pass behind me. I turn around, and it was David Cook - the latest winner of American Idol!!!!! And right behind him was Carly Smithson - another American Idol finalist - literally a foot away from me!!!! I had to do a double take. As soon as they sat down I was the annoying fan who asked for an autograph. Carly gave me one willingly (see below), but David had already been "blocked off" by a body guard. You better bet I kept my eye on them the rest of the night. I was so intrigued! Later, Kristy Lee Cook showed up. She actually got on stage and sang, "God Bless the USA." She did a great job. I think she sounds better in person than she did on American Idol.

When we left we saw the American Idol buses parked outside. I guess they were doing a concert in the area and decided to go out afterwards. Anyway, it was quite an exciting night for me. It's not every day you run into celebrities! We didn't get in bed until about 3 am, but it was well worth it!


Wes, Lizzie, and Rachel said...

Lindsay how cool!! I know this made your night. What excitment!

Suzanne said...

Wow! That for sure earned you some cool points. I loved D Cook. He is so good!!

Anonymous said...

wish i could have been there with ya'll. ~Kellie