Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Road Trips, TVs, and Blog Revamp

I can't believe we're in the last month of the baseball season. It has flown by! I feel like July was just yesterday. Brian is about to take his final road trip of the regular season. It's a long one - 8 days! They'll spend 4 in Bridgeport, CT and 4 in Long Island. Fortunately, I'll be going with him so I don't have to stay here by myself for over a week. Although I will say that the last time the team went on a 4 day road trip I had some solid, much needed time with the Lord and it ended up going by really fast!

My only disappointment with this upcoming road trip is that we don't get to stay in the Double Tree Hotel in Bridgeport. That's where we got to stay last year and it was so nice! I especially loved the hot chocolate chip cookies they gave us when we checked in. This year we stay in the not-so-great Ramada. Ugh.

Ok, down to business . . . Brian and I are considering buying a new television for our living room when we get back to Charlotte. Probably a 37 inch LCD. I have heard that Consumer Reports recently rated Samsung as the best, but Vizio is also one of the top rated TVs. After looking at Costco and Best Buy, it seems that Samsung is definitely the best, but the LG's picture looked really good as well. Anybody bought a television lately and have any advice or suggestions? Your comments are welcome!

And finally, as you've probably noticed I've given the blog a little makeover. I was getting tired of those same colors. I've also added a section called, "Picture of the Week" in the top right corner. I'm not a great photographer by any stretch, but once in a while I stumble upon a scene that's very picturesque. So I try to capture it. It probably doesn't always translate given my very inadequate, amateurish photography skills, but I hope you enjoy the pictures nonetheless.

Don't forget to leave your comments/suggestions on TVs!


Suzanne said...

I can not wait to see you guys in Charlotte again. and I must say I know nothing about TV's, but Mitchell "claims" he is an expert. Who knows if he is?? Also, I read F. Rivers Redeeming Love awhile back and loved it too. I have read all of her fiction and love all of it. She is great.
Thanks for your comment on my blog too. Your prayers are so welcome. I have needed them at times.

Shannon said...

Last year when Eric and I bought our TV, we did found lots of helpful reviews and info on and we ended up buying our TV (for much less than listed at Best Buy!) at . (We bought a Panasonic, by the way!) Happy shopping!

Lindsey said...

We went for the Vizio last year. Works so far. And now that we have a little one, i never get to watch it! :)