Saturday, September 20, 2008

Vote for your favorite

I'm horrible when it comes to making decisions, especially regarding clothes and decorating. Today I found (what I consider) a really cute coat. I couldn't decide what color to get. It came down to orange or off-white. I bought the off-white one because I figured it would be more versatile, but I'm still torn. Which one do you like better? Or which one would you get? I have 21 days to exchange it so PLEASE vote for your favorite by leaving me a comment. Thanks for your help! (And yes, I had to take my picture in the mirror because there wasn't a pic of the off-white one online!)


Blue-Eyed Bride said...

i like the white one. way more versatile and you can really dress it up more than you can the orange. it's really pretty!

Heather said...

I vote for the white one too. It looks great!
Can't wait to see you soon!!

Wes, Lizzie, and Rachel said...

I vote white, you can wear it longer and the color won't ever go out of style. Good choice

Lindsey said...

I vote for the white- but i want the orange one for the Clemson game in October. where did you find it, if you don't mind my asking???? :) Thanks!

Cathy (Mom) said...

Well, I was gonna vote for the orange, but I can see I'm outnumbered. The only reason is because I know you have several neutral jackets. Nevertheless, I do think the white one is more versatile and it looks great on you. You can always jazz it up with bright accessories if you stick with the white. I think I just talked myself into the white one. As your mother, my objective opinion is that you are beautiful in either one!

Melissa Merkel said...

I say go for the ORANGE one! I got a green peacoat a while back and LOVE having the color option.

It usually hides whatever I've got on top, and goes with most of the bottoms I wear, so it's actually more versatile than I thought it would be.

I'm sure you look great in winter white - but it's hard to find a good orange coat in a good shade. You'll have it for a while, and white coats are easier to find. :)

My two cents.
love you!

stew said...

ORANGE> It looks more like a pumpkin and orange is always in style, and it goes great with my skin tone. Wait, is this for me or you.