Saturday, November 21, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy early Thanksgiving everybody! One thing I really look forward to during the holidays is cooking/baking. Since we celebrate with both sides of our family this year I get to make twice as much food, which I really don't mind doing. I actually enjoy it, especially if I have plenty of time. I wanted to try a new recipe for Pumpkin cream cheese pie, but it looks like time won't allow for that since I have to work the day before and after Thanksgiving. So I'll have to stick to the items below. The thing I love about all of these recipes are the people I got them from

Twice Baked Potatoes - my family has been making them for years but I don't go by a recipe. I just watched my mom make them years ago and copied her. A little butter, sour cream, salt, pepper and lots of cheese on top! What can be bad about that?

Crock Pot Macaroni and Cheese - this is a Thanksgiving staple for sure! I think my mom originally discovered the recipe. It is delish!

Reese's Peanut Buttercup Bars - got this one from my friend and former co-worker, Natalie.

Turkey-shaped Sugar Cookies - the recipe I use is from my host mom, Kari, in Fargo, ND (we lived with them for 2 summers)

On a different note, I must say that the thing I'm most thankful for this year is to be pregnant with a healthy baby! While I miss Brian to pieces, I'm also extremely thankful for the job God provided for him in Mexico this fall. Update on that front . . . Brian was pitching very well until he came down with a nasty virus (I'll spare you the details, but suffice it to say we're not talking about a little cold here. We're talkin' hanging out in the bathroom for 48 hours, take every ounce of energy out of you kind of virus.) Thankfully he's been on the mend and feeling much better lately so we're praying that his strength and stamina return in full force. What I know is that my Lord is in full control of the situation and I am thankful He watches over my sweet husband.

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Life as I know it... said...

Oh those pb cups are to die for :) Funny I should read this today - this morning I got out my cookbooks to cook my first dinner for my husband (he went back to work today) and I saw your recipe for the sausage & cheese balls...I'm thinking that might be a good breakfast one morning :)