Sunday, November 01, 2009

My Fun New Job at . . .

So when I got back to Charlotte this off-season my old job wasn't waiting for me like normal. The big ministry project I have been in charge of every year was (and still is) in danger of not being produced. Long story short, since this project was my main responsibility my boss wasn't sure he'd have enough work for me to do outside of it, and therefore could not commit to re-hiring me right away. Since I need to start making some money to prepare for our little one arriving in early March, I went ahead and pursued other job opportunities. After a few weeks of weighing the possibilities (which weren't many), I am actually very excited about working part-time retail for "HandPicked," a beautiful, yet affordable jewelry store with 3 locations here in Charlotte.

HandPicked began in my home town of Columbia, SC so I've grown up shopping there, and have always loved the store! It's such a fun, classy, yet very hip place! I also used to make jewelry and am so excited about getting back into the world of jewelry design, sales, and repair! I will mainly work at the Arboretum location which is only about 2 minutes from our house! I could literally walk there every day. So come by and see me some time and pick out some gorgeous jewelry for Christmas!!

I was in the store the other day for an interview and saw about 10 pieces I'd love to have. Here is a little preview of some things I like from the store. Many items available in the store are not listed online, so I couldn't include pictures of those. This first necklace is called, "Tree of Life." I love that!

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Life as I know it... said...

I LOVE that store! I'll definitely be coming by to do some Christmas shopping :)

I also want to have lunch with you, Sharon, Patrice and Renata at least one more time before I move. I'll be in touch :)