Sunday, May 23, 2010

By The Way . . .

I've forgotten to update the blog concerning our whereabouts. We are back at home in Charlotte! Normally we're gone during the summer because Brian is playing baseball. But since his foot was fractured by a line drive a few weeks ago, the team allowed us to come home while Brian rehabs. How awesome is that???!!!!

The drive from Texas back to North Carolina wasn't nearly as smooth as the initial drive to Texas. Sage was old enough to stay awake for longer periods of time and decided it wasn't so fun being in her car seat for that long. However, we made it back in 2 days and we were all relieved to be home.

We walked into our house at midnight and you wouldn't believe what we found . . . a beautifully cleaned and straightened house with a stocked pantry and refrigerator and our beds made, ready for us to crawl into. We could not have felt more loved or blessed. Our sweet friends from church had done their research, figured out who had a key to our house and spent what I'm sure was many hours preparing it for our return. They are seriously the best people in the world. Salt of the earth kind of people. This was also waiting for me on our kitchen table, complete with Happy Mother's Day balloons:

Our return home could not have been sweeter.

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Melissa Merkel said...

Wow - that kind of service makes me tear up. So glad you have such a wonderful community surrounding y'all. Love you!